What we do

It costs about $2000 to build a safe, sturdy, brick house in Nicaragua.
When needy families in El Sauce apply for a 4 Walls house. They must:

  1. document that they own their property
  2. identify the occupants of the house
  3. provide a volunteer worker, usually a family member, to participate in the construction

4 Walls Project / Proyecto 4 Paredes raises money in the United States, little by little. When there is enough for a house, the leadership team in El Sauce selects the family that needs a house most.  Construction gets underway, often with volunteers from the U.S.


4 Walls Project / Proyecto 4 Paredes aims to provide adequate housing for every family in the area of El Sauce, Nicaragua. We will keep working as long as there are families in need of a home.


4 Walls Project / Proyecto 4 Paredes is dedicated to helping change the lives of families in the rural town of El Sauce, Nicaragua. 4 Walls goes beyond a simple donation to forge connections between donors and Nicaraguan families, building better lives and a more caring world.