Cheaper, quieter, better roofs

The 4Walls Project is thrilled to have been selected by an industrial design team at the Rochester Institute of Technology to be its test case on their showcase project.

Their challenge was to design a roof that was cheaper, quieter, and more insulating than the zinc roofs currently used on 4Walls houses. Preferably they would design one that could be made locally in El Sauce, thereby creating jobs and spurring a little economic development.


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News from the field

Brittany and Gem

Brittany and Gem

Brittany Bennett-Allis is a senior in the social work department at Buffalo State College. She will be going for her masters in the fall. She is interested in international social work and plans to join the Peace Corp. This was her first experience in another country.

Geminis Ramirez is also a senior in the social work department at Buff State. Her first language is Spanish. This was Gem’s second time traveling out of the country. Last summer she visited her family in Colombia. Gem wants to work in the field of domestic violence.

A different kind of Christmas


The Parker family from Blacksburg Virginia heard about 4Walls through Journeys of Solutions. They decided to spend their Christmas helping families in El Sauce. Bob Parker with his wife and kids donated enough cash for two houses.

Here is part of 15-year-old daughter Sarah’s account of their trip.Sarah's Newsletter2_final_reduced
Sarah's Newsletter2a_final_reduced

Roofs of the future?

Meet Cindy, Adrian, Peter, and Jamiya. They are students in the Industrial Design Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, who have adopted the 4Walls Project to test their ideas for improved roofing materials.


Cindy, Adrian, Peter, Jamiya

“We are very grateful to have them know about 4Walls and to create an energy and vitality that may offer sustainability,” says Bonnie.


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gen·er·os·i·ty  | ˌjenəˈräsədē/  noun  the quality of being kind and generous.

Laurie DiProspero poured us a big cup of generosidad this month.


Laurie DiProspero

Laurie once again has named the 4Walls Project as charity of the month for Union Coffee Roasters, her business at 900 Jefferson Road in Rochester.

4W: Tell us more about Union Coffee Roasters.
Laurie: We opened about two years ago — in May 2013. I had worked for a long time at a big commercial roaster. I learned a lot and wanted to apply it to small hands-on batch processing. Our store is a family-run operation.
4W: How did you learn about 4Walls?
Laurie: I met Sally and Bonnie when Java Joe imported coffee from the farmers in Ocotal. That really was a special coffee. It got rave review. We couldn’t get any this year because of the coffee rust fungus. Customers were really disappointed. We all hope there will be Ocotal coffee next season.
4W: Tell us more about your charity of the month.
Laurie: We choose a small, local organization that touches our heart. We feel connected to Nicaragua because of the coffee and we love what 4Walls does to help the families there. People come in for a free cup of coffee and can leave a donation for our charity of the month.
4W: What else should we know about Union Coffee Roasters?
Laurie: We are open to the public, selling both retail and wholesale. Our store is in the Genesse Valley Regional Market on Jefferson Road. Stop in for some awesome coffee.


Everyone welcome at this event to celebrate all the successful journeys to El Sauce, this year and in the past. Bring your friends and family. Bring your stories!

Sunday November 1, 2015
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Spay and neuter clinic

Hilton High School, a loyal and long-time supporter of 4Walls, is sponsoring a spay/neuter clinic in El Sauce this November.

“Did you know that in seven years nearly 5000 kittens could be born from one unspayed female cat and her offspring,” asks Spanish teacher Michele Ariola? “Because of the success of our first clinic, we are partnering with NicaVets for another clinic.”

Please visit the Journeys of Solutions website to see how you can help.
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