Families chosen for the “Pig Project”

##DIDES (Asociación Dimensiones del Desarrollo), an NGO in Nicaragua, noticed how 4W families lovingly care for their new houses. DIDES observed that, not only did the families have new casitas, they also had new attitudes about themselves and their lives. DIDES wondered how these new attitudes would contribute to a backyard agriculture project that would enable families to better feed themselves.

Alfonso Calero, a resident of El Sauce and general manager of DIDES, asked 4W to select five families to lead a pilot project. The families will get a pig, a rooster, four hens, seeds for vegetables, and a cooking stove with a chimney. The families will demonstrate and test the benefits of an ongoing and larger project.

Alfonso and DIDES targeted 4W because of its successful history of working with vulnerable families in El Sauce and forging long-lasting and trusting relationships with them. Alfonso and DIDES sees 4W families as having demonstrated a willingness to take responsibility to improve their lives.

Here is Alfonso meeting with the families when they learned that they had been selected for the project.