Alice, our favorite 6th-grader

alice 6th gr school photo

To our friends at 4 Walls,

I am enclosing checks totaling $1212 for the 4 Walls project. Of this, $700 was raised by my dad’s side of our family, including my parents, which chooses a charity to donate to every year, and this year chose the 4 Walls project. Another $125 was raised by my friends at my birthday party. My parents also chose to spend half the amount they usually do on gifts from Santa, and put the difference towards the 4 Walls project. The rest is made up of donations from friends, relatives, and friends of relatives, and from our family change jar. I hope to be able to add to this total soon.

Alice and her dad will travel to Nicaragua in June to work on their third house. On her own, Alice has raised money for all three of them!