Meet Alice. She’s going to build a house.


Which piece of news is most exciting?

  • That Alice raised $1739.54 to build a house for a family in El Sauce?
  • That she and her dad are headed to Nicaragua to help build it?
  • That she is ten years old?

We talked to Alice:

4W: How were you able to raise so much money?

Alice: I asked my friends and family. A pre-school raised more than $200. Also I asked the people at my church.

4W: What do your friends say when you tell them you are going to Nicaragua?

Alice: They think it’s cool. Kind of. I haven’t really told them a lot of what it’s going to be like.

4W: Do you know what it will be like?

Alice: Not really. I’ve seen pictures. I know it will change me. I think it will be life-changing.

4W: Do you know how to build houses?

Alice: No. But I can do other things. Maybe I can organize the supplies or take pictures.

4W: Hardly any of the people who go to work on houses know how to build them. You will be surprised at how many jobs there are for you to do!  I hope you’ll bring back a lot of pictures to share on the website and also a lot of stories of the fun things that happen while you are there.