“My experience in Nicaragua is something I wouldn’t give back for anything

… After deciding to look into it on a whim, I couldn’t imagine my life if I had not made that decision to go. After traveling to El Sauce with a group from my high school in the summer of 2013, I fell in love with the people, the culture and deeper into the Spanish Language. While in El Sauce I really put myself out there and tried to make connections with the people, which made the experience so much richer. Since coming back I have been able to stay in touch with some of those new friends.SENIOR PIC

As a first year Social Work/Spanish major at Niagara University, I reflect on my trip countless times a week and am constantly re-inspired by my experience. As a member of my university’s Spanish Club, I have shared my experience and now inspired the rest of my club to want to be involved. Currently I am planning a first trip to El Sauce for my club, and a second trip for myself.

I have wanted to go back to Nicaragua since the day I left, and am incredibly overjoyed to be working on another project. My dream is to have a connection with Nicaragua all my life, as it’s something that affects me every day. What I work for now as a Spanish and Social Work student is a future filled with trips like this. If I had not participated in the trip the summer before my freshman year of college, I feel as if I would have no purpose or inspiration.

In a recent meeting with Colleen, she told me about the woman I had built for, Doña Berta. Without meaning to I became emotional at the mention of the family I had worked so closely with. When Colleen mentioned that she  asked about me, which may have well been the warmest my heart has ever felt. After building a connection with these people I can’t wait until the day I will get to see them again. Will all my heart, I recommend a trip to Nicaragua to anyone ready for a life-changing experience. I was  blessed with the opportunity to change mine.

By Briana Neale